This should solve everything (trying not to laugh)

Ran across this article in the Syracuse Post-Standard this morning: Boeheim to work with group out to improve game's image

Boeheim is going to be a part of something dubbed the "College Basketball Partnership."

According to the story:
Among the issues that the group hopes to address are graduation rates, recruiting scandals and coaches' conduct.
Ah, good intentions. But look at the guest list:
Among those expected to attend are NCAA president Myles Brand, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany, Oklahoma coach Kelvin Sampson and former Big East commissioner Dave Gavitt.
Now we are not saying any of those guys are part of the problem. But we sure don't see the ACC, Big East, Big Ten or Big 12, or any of the Big Money types, as part of the solution.

This strikes me as window dressing. A nice PR initiative to make it look like everyone is concerned.

It's sort of like tinkering with the BCS formula again, instead of starting I-A football playoffs.

This hoops initiative would seem a lot more earnest if they invited some people from a league like the Patriot. After all, it would seem the league with the NCAA's highest graduation rates might just have some insight into how to make it work.

Of course we all know the formula the Patriot would suggest. It would start with only letting kids into school that actually are coming to be students.

I am the first one to criticize the league for being clueless when it comes to marketing and promotions. But give them credit for the more important things, like recruiting quality kids and actually giving them an education.

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