On a slow day, we offer an endorsement

We are new at this blog stuff, so we didn't realize until today that they actually give out awards for this stuff.

The nominees have been posted, and voting began yesterday. Wisely, after ignoring the category last year, they have added Best Sports Blog to this year's voting.

Among the nominees is Yoni Cohen's fine College Basketball Blog. Yoni is shamelessly campaigning for the award, and we are jumping on the bandwagon by endorsing his candidacy.

Most of the other nominees are baseball sites. We have nothing against the national pastime, it is a very close second in our sporting passions. But while most of these other nominees are rehashing Jason Giambi's steroid use, as if that is a big surprise, Yoni's lead item today is an interesting post about how Notre Dame canning its football coach might impact college hoops. SportsBlog hasn't had a fresh college hoops post since July. Another nominee is Ubersportingpundit, which might be about cricket. Or it might be about sex. One of today's posts includes the news that:
South Australian batsmanship has been at a low ebb for a long time coming.
Yoni, though, is all about hoops. Hardcore hoops. I mean where else are you going to find links to Saturday's UMass at Gonzaga "Battle in Seattle."

Besides, Yoni has been kind enough to call us a "blog pundit." Been writing about hoops for almost 15 years and can't recall anybody ever calling us a "pundit" before. We were so shocked to be called a pundit we had to look the word up to make sure it was not an insult. Imagine our surprise to learn it comes from the Hindi word "pandit", which is used as a title of respect for a learned man in India.

After that we had to endorse him. And will continue to do so as long as the check does not bounce.

Vote early and often (once a day is the limit). Polls close Dec. 12.

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