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Catching up on our reading after fiddling with the drapes and carpet all day. Ran across a good piece from Ralph Willard's site. Ralph explains: "why we have reluctantly decided to play some 'buy games' and why trying to schedule games in order to raise your RPI at a school in our league is not a wise or fruitful strategy for scheduling."

By the way, if we lured you into the Hoop Time store the other day, you might well have been dismayed at how lame the merchandise looked. Keep checking back. Already the inventory has a major upgrade, with the return of the classic gray shirt that sold in double figures 10 years ago. It has the same classic original logo front, with updated graphics with the shooters' creed on the back. You'll also find gear with our brand new logo.

About the new look. Nothing major, though it took a while to figure out how the code that blogger uses in its templates. We kept the same basic look, but messed with the colors a little, and of course, the new logo.

The old logo, with the arching balls, was developed with the idea that it created a natural "skybox," as newspaper designers call it, in the upper right corner of the printed front page. That was where we would promo special features.

A graphic artist at the Pottsville REPUBLICAN and Herald updated the original black and white version when Hoop Time became a part of that paper's online site.

The new version retains design elements from each version: the crisp horizontal lines of the original logo and the ball dropping through the hoop on the left. The arch of balls gives way to a flatter look that does not waste as much vertical space on a Web page.

We've also adopted the "A Patriotic Basketball Blog" tag. Nowadays, that seems to better describe what Hoop Time is. The focus used to be Central Pa. teams. But after trying the first week or two, we have found it is not possible for us to be comprehensive with the D-II and D-III stuff.

There will still be the occasion when we do something about D-II or D-III ball, women's hoops or any other stuff I am in the mood for. It's my site. I can do that.

The focus, though, will be Patriot League hoops.

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