Give Kyle an assist on the play

Just the other day we made mention of the new ABA (which probably stands for American Bush League) and a team known as the Maryland Nighthawks that plays in old horse barn in Upper Marlboro, Md. the Patriot League used to use for its tournament.

Well wouldn't ya know, ole Kyle over at stumbled across this link to a blogger who actually went to a Nighthawks home game.
Gotta admit, it was like deja vu all over again when I read:
Now, let me take the opportunity to apologize to those Upper Marlboro-ites that may find this by accident and are presently offended. It was dark, all we could discern from our surroundings was woods. Having seen the 'Blair Witch Project', what else was I supposed think?
The guy went on the add:
This is, in my opinion the perfect sized arena for the product they were trying to put on the floor last night. The arena website states that for basketball they hold about 5,100 people. Just big enough to make half that look like a good turn out. The problem was the location. It's a difficult task to market a team that plays in the middle of no where."
You know what they teach the first day of Realtors school?

Location, Location, Location.

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