Big win for Lafayette

We're not jumping up and down saying we told you so, but you must admit Lafayette's win over Cal St. Northridge last night does make us look a little bit like the pundit Yoni says we are.

One win does not mean Lafayette will live up to our spoiler prediction, but you have to admit it helps our credibility a little. This is a good win for a struggling team.

Corky Blake of the Express-Times, one of the better beat guys covering the league, seems to agree. Check out his story from last night and you will see what I mean.

Corky says:
Put Monday night's 95-89 overtime conquest of Cal State Northridge in the category of a potential season-maker for the young Lafayette Leopards.
Not sure what he means by "season-maker", but I agree this was a big win for the 'Pards.

After coming close and falling short the two previous times out, getting a W in a close game should do a lot for the confidence of the Leopards, who, as Corky pointed out, started two sophomores and two freshmen.

Critics will use Cal St. Northridge's 1-6 record to argue this was not a significant win for Lafayette. But look closer. As Corky points out:
The essentially same Matador team drilled last season's more experienced Leopards by 23 points.
Fran O'Hanlon also made a good point about the Matadors, telling Corky:
"Their record isn't good but take a look at their schedule. This is their seventh road game. They lost at Arizona State by one, at Montana, to Vanderbilt and by 10 to Oklahoma. They're a good team."
As coaches like to say, you are never as good as you look when you win or as bad as you look when you loss. We have made the "not as bad as they looked" argument already. Here's the flip side: Look at the box score and one thing jumps right out: 31 Lafayette turnovers.

Also troubling is the way the 'Pards squandered a lead that was as big as 16 points in the second half and was still in double figures (70-60) with 3:18 left in regulation.

None of that matters right now, though. All that matters when you have a young team that has lost six in a row is getting a W.

Meanwhile, cancel our subscription to the Morning Call.

Well, O.K, we don't actually have one. We just check them on the Web. But after seeing today that they sent a freelancer to cover a D-3 doubleheader involving the Moravian men and women and their counterparts from Drew, while picking up a measly couple of graphs from AP on the Lafayette-Cal St. Northridge game, we would cancel if we did subscribe.

Besides, who needs the MC when you have Corky Blake.

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